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Tourism in Chikhli

In Navsari district of Gujarat lays the city of Chikhli. The city is very near to the state of Mumbai. People of different religion can be seen in this city because of its proximity to different states. The place holds  special importance for the business man because lot of industries and businesses have been set up in the city. This has resulted in mass employment of those residing in the city as well as the places around the city. Apart from various businesses that have been set up there are several places which can be visited by tourists when on this city. The city mainly has many ancient temples which are visited by pilgrims from all over and where most of festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show.

Tourist Spots in Chikhli

Tourist Spots in Chikhli

Here are some of the famous tourists spot in the city Chikhli:

Chamunda Mata Temple in Chikhli

 Located in the heart of the city, this temple is a major tourist attraction and many people can be seen visiting Chamunda Mata Temple. During festival season especially during Navratri, the temple is decorated with lights and colors and large number of devotees thong the temple during the festivals that is celebrated with lot of pomp and show. Kshatriya community had built this temple many years ago. Goddess Chamunda Devi is worshiped here and it is said that no wish gets unfulfilled when asked for in this temple.

Reaching the temple is not a problem from any part of Chikhli as non metered taxi and also GSRTC buses can be availed for reaching here.

Choseth Joginimata Temple in Chikhli

The temple is dedicated to Jogini Mata also known by the name Kalika Mata amongst the locals. In this temple animal sacrifice used to take place about 20 year back. Devotees from all over the country visit this temple during Navratri which is celebrated in a grand manner every year.

Laxmi Narayan Temple in Chikhli

This is a very popular temple in Chikhli where Lord Shiva is worshiped. This temple is located very beautifully near the banks of the river Kaveri. It has been constructed beautifully and its architecture is something to marvel about. During the time of Shivratri, visitors from all over come to offer their prayers to the Lord.

Mallikarjun Temple in Chikhli

Tourist Places in Chikhli

This is a very ancient temple and the idol which is worshiped here is that of Lord Shiva. There is a seasonal lake located in Majigam which is a nearby village. The temple is located just beside the lake. "Mother India" a popular Bollywood film starring Raj Kumar, Sanjay Dutt and Nargis was shot here many years ago. Due to its divine importance and also due to the fact that the festival Shivratri is celebrated in a grand manner, the temple attracts large number of tourist.

One can reach the above temples very easily as many government as well as private buses ply from different parts of the city. Also metered and non metered auto rickshaws and private cabs can take you to the temples.

For any further details one can contact the tourism department of Gujarat.

Important Contact Details
Tourist Officer
Address: Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited
Athava Lines
Jilla Seva Sadan – 2
Block No. “A”
Ground Floor
Tel. No. +91 261 2652266, Mb. +91 97277 23954.
Website: http://gujarattourism.com
E-Mail: ps2md-tcgl@gujarat.gov.in, ps2jtmd-tcgl@gujarat.gov.in

Weekend Destination from Chikhli

There are various location that are near Chikhli and can be visited during weekends or on holidays. Small trips to such location are bound to surge up your energy level and also make you stress free. The hotels where you have planned to stay during your vacation to Chikhli can be approached for booking a car which will take you around to several places which are located nearby at reasonable rates. The roads leading to such places are very well constructed ensuring smooth journey. Some of such places which can be visited are:

Navsari from Chikhli

Navsari is a dynamic and vibrant city which is located at a 28 Km from Chikhli. Besides having glorious natural beauty and spectacular landscape, Navsari is also famous as a prime business and marketing center.

Sharbatiya Talav and Dudhiya Talav are very famous amongst the tourists for its sparkling waters and verdure surroundings. Apart from the lakes J.N. Tata Memorial Hall, Ashapuri Temple, Parsvanath Jain temple, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and Ravariya Bapa temple should also be visited. Atash Bahram is another place of attraction which can’t be missed for anything.

Valsad from Chikhli

Weekend Destination from Chikhli

Valsad is 28 Km from Chikhli and provides lot of attraction for tourist who are on a visit to the amazing city. The city provides numerous attractions in the form of hills, beaches, temples, libraries and parks. Some of the famous temples which can be visited are Saibaba Temple, Shri Swami Narayan temple, Tadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir and Somnath Mahadev Museum. Kalai Beach and Tithal Beach are famous attraction which brings many people to visit Valsad.

The orchid garden and the green background make Kalai a popular attraction. The blue waters along with the location of two famous temples in Tithal Beach make it a great place to visit. Also, the imagination of tourists is intrigued and fascinated by the beauty of Ubharat Beach which is full of amazing nature’s gift. Apart from the beautiful beaches and places of worship, Valsad also has hill stations namely Parnera and Wilson Hill. Parnera fort in Parnera hill is a crowd puller. The city even has a park by the name Vansada National Park. The time October to March is especially suitable for going on a trip here.

Surat from Chikhli

Weekend Destination from Chikhli

Surat is one of the busiest city in the state of the city is famous for textile and also diamond industry. The places is a delight for the tourists as it offers great places to see, mouthwatering dishes to eat and also great transport and communication along with best hotels to stay. Amongst the many places that can be visited, some prominent ones have been listed below. Chintamani temple one of the very famous temples in Surat, is an example of architectural skill and artistic talent. When looking for some fresh air or planning to go for a swim,Hajira Beach which is situated at a short distance from Surat can be visited. Tourist can catch the latest Bollywood or Hollywood films at Rangupavan which is considered as the most spacious theater in whole India.

If interested in historical stuffs then Sardar Patel Museum, Surat Fort,  castle beside river Tapi can be visited. A visit to such historical places will remind you of the bygone eras.

With so many weekend destination available, visitors visiting the city Chikhli are going to have a great time when on a visit to the city.

Hotels in Chikhli

Here is a list of the hotels that you can consider while looking for accommodation in Chikhli:

Hotel Saffron & Guest House in Chikhli

Hotels in Chikhli

Address: N.H. No. 8,
Thala, Ta. Chikhli, Dist. Navsari-396521.
Phone No: 02634 - 231 429, 95580 82110, 78200 25165
Website: www.hotelsaffronchikhlinavsari.com
Tariff: Rs1250 to Rs 2500
Check out Time: 10 Am

Hotel Amardeep in Chikhli
Address: 860, Chikhli Char Rasta
Chikhli - Gujarat- 396521
Near Jai Bharat Hotel
Phone No: - 02634-233999, 235999, 958613399

The various facilities offered by the hotels to its customers include deluxe, super deluxe and suite rooms along with all the amenities that is required for comfortable living such as well furnished rooms with attached bath, phone facility, colored T.V with multiple channel to choose from. All the rooms have running cold and hot water. In case you want any laundry service, then same day laundry service is also available.

The hotels also have a travel desk that provides information on various travel information and if you want any car on rent, the travel agents will be able to provide you cars that suits your preference. The hotel staffs are very friendly and cooperative. 24 hours room service is available in case of need. Banquet services are also available here.

List of Distances from Chikhli

Chikhli is a big city located in Gujarat. It comes under the district of Navasari.  Due to it being a emerging business hub, the transport and communication is excellent here. It is connected to the nearby cities and towns of Gujarat via good network of roads and railways too.  National Highway 8 passing through the city and State Highways ensures easy communication to different parts of the state and other parts of the country as well. The ancient temples located in the city make many people visit Chikhli all round the year.  There are many tourist destinations nearby which can be visited from Chikhli.

Distances from Chikhli

Here is a list of distances from Chikhli to nearby places and also the time it takes to reach such places:

Distance From Chikhli: 28 Km
Time to reach: 30 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 56 Km
Time to reach: 1 Hour

Distance From Chikhli: 65 Km
Time to reach: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 101 Km
Time to reach: 2 Hours

Distance From Chikhli: 161 Km
Time to reach: 3 hours

Distance From Chikhli: 195 Km
Time to reach: 2 Hrs 45 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 202 Km
Time to reach: 3 Hours 25 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 259 Km
Time to reach: 3 Hours 30 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 308 Km
Time to reach: 4 Hours 5 minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 331 Km
Time to reach: 4 Hours 30 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 348 Km
Time to reach: 5 Hours 10 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 379 Km
Time to reach: 6 Hours 15 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 472 Km
Time to reach: 8 Hours

Distance From Chikhli: 479 Km
Time to reach: 7 Hours

Distance From Chikhli: 461 Km
Time to reach: 7 Hours 11 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 454 Km
Time to reach: 6 hours 30 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 551 Km
Time to reach: 8 hours 40Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 561 Km
Time to reach: 9 Hours

Mount Abu
Distance From Chikhli: 534 Km
Time to reach: 8 Hours

Distance From Chikhli: 553 Km
Time to reach: 7 Hours 30 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 563 Km
Time to reach: 8 Hours

Distance From Chikhli: 508 Km
Time to reach: 8 Hours 30 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 599 Km
Time to reach: 9 Hours 30 Minutes

Distance From Chikhli: 638 Km
Time to reach: 9 Hours

Distance From Chikhli: 970 Km
Time to reach: 13 hours

The distance from Chikhli and the time it takes will help you to plan your trip from the city to the nearby places. The cities and towns located near to Chikhli have lot of tourist attractions which can be visited during weekends or on holidays.

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